Reina + Co Courses
Reina Pomeroy

Set Better Goals

You need tools to get organized and focused in your business. We're sharing the 7 templates that we use for Reina + Co and for our clients to create sustainability + profitability for successful business owners.

Reina Pomeroy

Cash Injection Challenge

Implement the strategies I use in my business to increase the cash flow in my business in a Heart-Centered way. You want to make more money without the guilt and ick. You totes can!

Reina Pomeroy & Hailey Dale

Selling with Generosity Vault

Learn how to get rid of the "ick" in selling! Over 30 videos from experts in selling. We're showing you how you can sell effectively. Pick up tips and tricks to boost your confidence in selling, and come out with fresh eyes so you stand out!

Reina Pomeroy

Next Big Thing Challenge

Reina Pomeroy

Social Glue Playbook

Are you ready to make a real difference to your business? Are you ready to stop feeling alone and start building a tribe? Then it's time for the ultimate Social Glue Playbook

Reina Pomeroy & Jessica Rasdall

How to Deal with HATERS

You're sick and tired of feeling the haters around you. Every entrepreneur needs to know how to deal with the FEAR MONSTERS that lurk and prey on our weaker moments.